Anti-Dumping, countervailing Duties & International Trade

We provide legal advise and consultation on general trade practices, including drafting, preparing and negotiating legal instruments on International trade.

In a specific area of anti-dumping, our services shall cover :

  • For the interest of domestic procedures who wish to file a petition for anti dumping Investigation, Handojo Law Office shall guide client on the requirement to apply for an investigation of an anti-dumping case, as stipulated under the Agreement on the Implementation of Article VI of General Agreement of Tarrifs and Trade 1994 (GATT)
    and other procedure determined by the Government of Indonesia. An acceptable formal petition is a pivot point to a successful investigation
  • If client wish to proceed on the investigation, Handojo Law Office shall prepare and apply for a petition to KADI, filling-in-questionnaire, and representing clients in hearing before the Komite Anti Dumping Indonesia (KADI) with all the interested parties.
  • For the purpose of the alleged parties, Handojo Law Office  shall provide client the counter – claim documents over the allegation, preparing for the questionnaire, representing client before meeting and hearing the authorized within or outside the territory of Indonesia.
  • For the purpose of Indonesia (or domestic) parties being under allegation of dumping in the territory of other country, our offices has maintained cooperation with one of our US correspondent law firm, particularly for cases in the United Stated. In this regard, the Indonesia (or domestic) parties should cooperate with the Indonesia Department of Trade and Industry in maintaining communication with the foreign parties.

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